Private Lessons

Hire Coach Steve for Private Lessons. 

Coach Steve

Coach Steve has been playing the game of Soccer for 36 years. He still competes in a competitive adult league and is the head coach of the Strykers Soccer Club.

His private lessons will focus on the basic fundamentals of soccer; passing, shooting, offensive strategies, defensive tactics, conditioning, and teamwork.

Coach Steve has 3 options for Private Lessons: 1 v 1 Session, 1 v 1 Stryker Package, and the Strykers Group Package. Each have a benefit for your soccer player.

If you would like to hire Coach Steve for Private Lessons hit the "Stryke First, Stryke Hard" button below to contact him.

Stryke First, Stryke Hard
  • 1 v 1 Session $65

    Player vs Coach in a 1 v 1 private lesson on the pitch.

  • 1 v 1 Stryker Package $600

    1 v 1 Package includes 10 sessions prepaid at a discounted price to use at any time.

  • Stryker Group Package $50 per player

    Select your closest 2 teammates to join you for a lesson at a discounted price. Team drills with the basic fundamentals of the game.

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